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About Tekoa

Tekoa History

Tekoa is a Jewish village in the Judea region of Israel located 5 miles south of Jerusalem. Tekoa is mentioned in the Bible as the home of the prophet Amos. Only olive oil produced in Tekoa was allowed in the service in the Holy Temple. This is because it was of such high quality. In 1978 a small group of Jewish pioneers came back to the site of the ancient Tekoa to found a new Jewish village. Soon Tekoa was incorporated as a mixed religious and secular Yishuv (village). This is very rare in Israel because most villages are founded to cater to a specific type of people. Generally people move to a Yishuv because they want to live a quiet life with like minded people. In Tekoa we believe that all Jews are one family and that we should be able to live together even if we don't agree on everything.


Tekoa Amenities

  1. A very beautiful public swimming pool. It is half-olympic sized and nicely landscaped. Because some people in Tekoa are religious and others not, they have different hours for mens, womens, and mixed swimming.
  2. A Makolet (general store) offering all of your day to day needs.
  3. A small Pizza place that is open for take out on most evenings.
  4. Daycare Center
  5. Preschool
  6. An amazing elementary school called Achdut Yisrael (Jewish Unity). When we were trying to decide if we should send our kids, we asked teenagers who had gone there what they think of it. They all said that the best years of their life were at Achdut Yisrael.
  7. A Yeshiva run by the world famous Rabbi Adin Steinsalz.
  8. Several synagogues.Ashkenazi, Sefaradi, Chabad and Breslov.
  9. Many, many beautiful parks.
  10. A full Tennis court and a full basketball court.
  11. An amphitheater, community center and library.
  12. All kinds of youth clubs and classes for all ages. Among them are Karate, Art, Dance, Aerobics etc.
  13. Horse ranch with riding lessons.
  14. Regular bus service to Jerusalem.
  15. The Beit Bad is both an industrial olive press and cafe. The olive press is renewing the ancient tradition of olive oil production in this region. The cafe often features live music in the evenings.
  16. The Tekoa Mushroom farm produces some of the best tasting mushrooms in the world.